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Enjoy your favorite TV shows, sports teams and concerts outside.

As the warmer weather finally starts to roll in you can enjoy more time under the sun watching your favorite shows on one of our outdoor TV solutions. Are you looking for more outdoor entertainment space? Let Extreme AVS of Long Island create the perfect oasis for you and your family right in your own backyard.  We design luxury outdoor spaces that quickly become a favorite place for everyone to gather without having to construct a new room. There are plenty of options to accommodate your budget and provide years of entertainment. We can also help you with outdoor speakers, outdoor wifi and outdoor shades. Call us today to start planning for your outdoor escape space. You can find out about interior TV Installations here.


Curious about how long your outdoor TV will last or if it can handle being out in the elements? Check out the abuse Sunbrite Outdoor televisions can take!


The most common question we hear is "Can I use my indoor TV outside? Unfortunately the answer will always be "No". There are a few reasons you need to make sure your outdoor TV is outdoor rated. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why.
Outdoor TVs are manufactured to meet four standards indoors do not have to:
1. Have the ability to be viewed in an outdoor environment that is much brighter than indoors and some can even be viewed in direct sunlight.
2. Indoor displays are not made to withstand any moisture, especially heavy rains. sleet or snow.
3. They are incapable of handling extreme hot and cold temperatures.
4. Manufactured to outdoor building code standards.
Mounting and indoor TV outdoors is not only going to make the display's life short lived and void the warranty but is also an extremely bad shock hazard. 



Weatherproof, SunBriteTV 43" true outdoor 4K HDR television - the Veranda Series TV is optimal for full-shade outside living areas like a covered patio or screened gazebo.

Why is this the best outdoor TV for shaded patios and decks? The lastest model in the SunBriteTV Veranda Series offers a premium 4K UHD HDR screen with direct LED backlight and is up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs to deliver a breathtaking, vivid picture in outdoor environments.

What is included with the Veranda TV?

  • Built-in, down-firing 20 WATT speakers

  • One-year parts/labor warranty

  • Weatherproof remote control



Weatherproof 43-inch outdoor 4K HDR television - SunBriteTV Signature 2 Series for partial-sun and high ambient light applications such as patio, deck, yard.

Why is Signature 2 the top pick for watching TV outside in partial sun and high ambient light?

Up to 3 times brighter than indoor TVs, this all-weather television improves the viewing experience in brighter outdoor environments. The commercial-grade screen with direct LED backlight and TruVision™ anti-glare technology delivers an ultra-bright (700 NIT) picture with 4K resolution. The dramatic picture detail and full High Dynamic Range (HDR) support offer amazing contrast and vibrant colors.



For the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience, look no further than the 49-Inch SunBriteTV Pro 2 Series fully-weatherproof outdoor TV. Bring the fun outside!

Featuring the latest technology from outdoor TV leader SunBriteTV, the sleek edge-to-edge glass shines brilliantly turned on; with a beautiful design when off. Plus, the Pro 2 Series' TruVision anti-glare display provides a vivid picture that is viewable from multiple angles even in direct sunlight; thanks to the extra bright 1000 NIT screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Like all SunBrite televisions, the Pro 2 has a durable, powder-coated frame to resist rust and corrosion while protecting the internal components from weather and pesky insects. And to eliminate condensation, the internal heating and cooling system regulates running temperature, so you can enjoy the big game in extreme high and low temperatures.