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Imagine returning for the season without tech issues...


Wi-Fi goes down, cable boxes fail, outdoor speakers get dug up, wires cut, etc., causing countless headaches. We have a solution! Consider Extreme AVS' Startup Services and Client Care Plans for this season and make your return to The Hamptons easier.



At a Glance.

Your home network and entertainment system has been simplified. You can save time and money, and most importantly frustration, with a Client Care Plan! A Client Care Plan from Extreme AVS ensures your system is being monitored and that many problems are addressed before they wreak havoc on your system. Whether it is an unresponsive touch panel or an interruption in internet connectivity, the Client Care Plan is our way of taking a proactive approach to looking after your system. 

Keep it Running. 

The beauty of a well designed home network is you don’t see it. It is seamless. However, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. There are a number of devices talking to one another locally and to the internet. Any one of these devices can fail. Problems that may arise could be as simple as an unplugged router or something more complicated such as an interference problem slowing down the network. In the past, the solution was to send out a technician to track down and fix the problem; an effort that could sometimes take hours. 


Solution Overview. 

Today, Extreme AVS has invested in the latest monitoring equipment that will spare you the frustration of trying to track down the source of the problem. At the core of the Client Care Plan is a remote management tool that allows our technicians to detect, diagnose and resolve certain problems without having to show up at your door. It also includes an annual home automation “tune-up” that is critical to maintaining the system’s overall performance and lifespan. 

Saves Time and Money.

A Client Care Plan is a proactive approach to protecting your investment with a sophisticated home automation system. Attached is the design of your system showing all of the devices connected to it. The annual cost of the Client Care plan could easily offset the cost of service calls. The Client Care plan will save you time and money in two ways: one, by diagnosing and fixing a system problem remotely without sending out a technician, and two, providing us the ability to diagnose the problem remotely and arriving at your house knowing exactly where the problem is and equipped with the tools and/ or device to repair or replace it. 


Key Features

Front-of-the-line status on service calls

Remote monitoring and real-time error detection

Annual “tune-up” to preserve and extend the life of your system

Ongoing remote software upgrades

Worry-free system operation of your home network

Optimized 24/7 network performance

Plus fewer problem calls

A Client Care Plan Makes It Easy!

At Extreme AVS, Inc., we understand how in this connected world your home automation can be intimidating. We have created various Client Care Plan levels to help extend the enjoyment of your home automation and guaranteed access to the level of service you require.

All new Smart systems come with the Proactive Care Plan for the first 30 days of ownership. After that time you canselect from one of the coverage plans below.

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